The VIVADENTAL Centre is an international clinical, training, and research centre opening an opportunity to its Patients to make the most daring dreams of changing their physical appearance come true.

Professional cosmetic treatment covers surgeries in all areas of dentistry, dental implantology, dermatology, and facial aesthetic surgery utilising the state-of-the-art achievements of contemporary medicine and advanced technologies.


The treatment process is conducted by a team of specialist doctors having years of experience in implementing innovative treatment methods and carrying out comprehensive metamorphoses of the face and teeth.

The VIVADENTAL Centre offers top therapeutic standards rooted in the most recent scientific achievements, which guarantees previously unattainable, spectacular results attained in respect of human culture and sense of aesthetics expressed in a healthy, beautiful, and impeccable smile, bringing delight with their effects and presentation, and giving the Patients the sense of comfort, convenience, and satisfaction.

You are most welcome to use our specialist services.

Nowadays Poland takes the leading place in the world dentistry and the Clinic Vivadental is unquestioned leader. We do not only cure the patients but also train the doctors and conduct scientific research about the implants. Here you can get spectacular therapeutic and esthetic results by using the most innovative technology and treatment methods. We are going to ensure you the most innovative treatment in the most luxury Clinic created for you where prices are much lower than in your country. The attractive visit in 3-city is a pleasure and you are going to come back here, to 1000 years, beautiful city.