Golf is a sport which brings a lot of pleasure to everyone, regardless of age and sex. This game combines many positive elements. Apart from being a sports competition on well-maintained fields in beautiful landscapes, there is also an opportunity to spend your time beneficially – not only by relaxing, but also by meeting some unique individuals and sharing a sporting passion with them. This is also a way to meet friends regularly and to have great fun with the family.

Golf is a good way to take a break from everyday routines, and the fresh air and beautiful setting can be inspirational in helping make new, brave decisions in business and everyday life.

The next edition of the SKAT International Golf Club will be held on 9 and 10 June. Traditionally, this exceptional event will be held on one of the best golf courses in Europe – The Sierra Golf Club in Petkowice, in which the most important national and European tournaments regularly take place.

The tournament is organised by SKAT Transport in Gdansk – one of the leading European logistic companies. The two-day sports event, classified by the Polish Golf Union, is unique among golf tournaments held in Poland. The participants of this event include players from the best clubs in Poland and other countries. Talented players from the USA are also expected this year. So far, apart from representatives of Polish clubs, the podium was occupied by players from Russia and Sweden.

Furthermore, leading Polish Juniors will also take part. They will compete in junior categories for crystal trophies, high quality sports equipment and many other valuable prizes founded by sponsors and partners of the event.

The event held in June is divided into 2 parts: a prize tournament in 14 categories and the Golf Academy for the invited guests who wish to start their adventure with this sport and learn its rules. Experience from previous tournaments has shown that dozens of people inspired by this exceptional game decided to start regular training. We are pleased to announce that the SKAT Golf Team will have its debut in this year’s event.

SKAT Golf Tournament attracts not only the best players – but celebrities also often decide to take part in this event. Their comments can be read and heard on the tournament website.

We cordially invite you to take part in the tournament and to support the players!