Dear golf aficionados!

We are pleased to inform you that, as previously announced, the second edition of our tournament will take place this year.

We kindly invite to watch movie from the first edition of the SKAT International Golf Cup 2015 tournament.

On the first day of the tournament we are preparing for you an amazing attraction - after sunset will be an opportunity to see an unusual show with the participation of... beautiful ladies dancing with fire! The evening performance with dynamic music will provide for you with the women's team called Mamadoo.

Dear Readers,

I would like to invite all golf enthusiasts to the inaugural edition of the SKAT International Cup 2015 Golf Tournament.

This exceptional sporting event will be held at one of the best golf courses in Europe, the Sierra Golf Club in Pętkowice (near the Tricity) on 13-14 June this year.

Golf can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or gender. This sport has many advantages: in addition to competing on well-groomed greens surrounded by beautiful scenery, golf players can spend their free time not only enjoying themselves, but also getting to know unique individuals and share their passion for the sport. It is also a good way to establish regular meetings with friends or to have fun with the whole family.

Golf provides a way to take a break from the daily grind, and the fresh air and beautiful surroundings can inspire you to make new, bold decisions in both your business and private life.

Feel free to sign up for the tournament and test your skills in the SKAT International Cup 2015.

See you on the course!


 Do zobaczenia !              

Waldemar Łazarczyk        
Prezes SKAT Transport      


Sign-ups are open until 5 June 2015.

We are pleased to present the SKAT International Cup 2015 trophy.

This unique statuette was designed specifically with this exceptional tournament in mind.

Dear Readers, we are pleased to announce that the SKAT International Golf Cup 2015 received the 2nd ranking category in the Polish Golf Union classification.

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